How to Get A Poker Bonus

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What is a poker bonus?  A poker bonus is what you get upon signing up with a poker website.  It can also be earned if you play well in online poker.  To be a good player and to be able to win a hand, you have to know the rules of the game and know how to strategize. A lot of good poker players consider playing poker as their main career for they can’t only win a huge sum of money, but they also enjoy playing.

There are numerous poker websites and they all have distinct rules and guidelines on how to play this exciting game.  This is the reason why you need to know how to play poker in different ways.

When choosing a poker room, you also have to know how big the poker bonus is.  You will get a bigger prize and, of course, bigger bonus if you join various tournaments.  But then again, you have to have a full knowledge of the game and its strategies before you can win and earn bonuses.

Awarding poker bonuses is one way of websites to attract online players.  After signing up on a certain website, you instantly will be given a bonus, which is also some kind of a motivational strategy.  A poker bonus is really encouraging, but you must see to it that the poker website where you intend to register can also give the same amount of excitement when you’re already on a poker table.

If you want to spend a longer time on a poker table, you have to earn more bonus points.  You can find many online poker rooms that are giving out awesome bonuses.  Party Poker,  Titan, Hollywood, and Full Tilt are only a few of the many good poker games.

Poker bonuses are all convertible to cash or passes.  With these passes, you are given a chance to play in casinos for real.  If you are confident that you are a good player, you can play for as long as you want and you possibly bank a good sum of money at the end of the day.  The more you play poker, the more chances for you to win the pot and earn bonuses.

There are definitely a lot of good poker websites and poker rooms.  You just have to look for them and carefully read all their rules and guidelines before signing up.  You also have to make sure that the websites that you are entering into have good standings.  If you are playing online poker just to earn bonuses, then you are known as a “bonus whore”.

Depositing Money into your Poker account

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Once you have practiced your online poker skills on the free sites and feel that its time to make the move and start playing with your own money things begin to get serious.

One of the first things you need to consider is how you are going to deal with paying for your fun and looking at the various poker deposit methods. All sites have slightly differing terms and conditions when it comes to depositing money into your poker account so it’s very important to plan in advance just how you intent to fund your online poker games.

The most common payment method is using a credit or debit card and nearly all of the poker sites out there on the net offer you this option. But of course many people don’t have or don’t want plastic and the poker sites do have many other options including Echecks , Paypal , ewalletxpress , bank transfers , Western Union and Moneybookers. All programmes work in pretty much the same way and they allow you to send cleared funds from you bank directly to the Poker website. Winnings are either held on account at the poker provider or simply returned to you normally by the same method as you pay with.

Depositing money into you Poker account can take up to two days in some instances but is pretty much instant with a visa or mastercard where as payments back to you ( winnings ) can take a little longer.

Remember that different countries have different regulations so its wise to check that the money you are sending is 100% safe and the Online Poker provider is ligitmate before you part with your cash. Good Luck..

Beginning Poker and Blackjack: Five Inside Tips

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One of the most enjoyable yet infuriating aspects of playing blackjack or Texas Hold ‘Em, five and seven-card stud or Omaha poker, is that these games are wonderfully easy to understand, pick up and play, yet take years and years of patient playing to master. Indeed, many would argue that the undeniable long-term appeal of all forms of poker and blackjack depends on this very fact.

There is no doubt that the best way to learn about playing either game is experience. Many people may offer you a short-term route to becoming a better poker or blackjack player, but the truth of the matter is that their words, however well meant, will mean little to you without the bedrock of experience you need to act upon the suggestions people make to you. Indeed, the beauty about both of these games is that the more you are willing to invest in them in terms of time and effort and truly getting to know the subtle nuances of the game, the more it repays you in terms of enjoyment and, with a little luck, success over the longer term.

That said, there are some tips that a novice poker or blackjack player can take heed of to help them enjoy their first tentative steps into the world of playing the game for real money. These are no guarantees of success; that as always depends on your own abilities and the luck of a turn of a card, but these top five tips should help you gain the most from your experiences playing poker or blackjack whether online or in person at the casino.

  1. Practise, practise and then practise some more. Before you decide to head off to the local casino or to register online and invest your own cash with a poker or blackjack site, it is a very good idea to have a good understanding of the games you are intending to spend your money on. There are lots of ways to practise both games for free, either with family and friends in person or online where a large number of websites will offer free play facilities to new users. It is arguably the most sensible approach to practise your game as much as possible before you begin to bet for money. Experience is the bedrock of great poker and blackjack play and you can only get that through regularly honing your new-found skills.
  2. Get the best deal online. Many online casino and gaming companies are offering excellent deals for new users to register with them, often including a welcome bonus of extra cash to play with for new customers. It is a good idea when looking to download poker or blackjack to find the operator with the best offer and a solid reputation to start your online gaming experience.
  3. Play the odds game. As a beginner, you do not want to start your poker or blackjack career in the wrong way. This means taking unnecessary risks with bets and gambles that have a high reward but low chance of success. For the first few hands, go with the better odds. This means in blackjack sticking on any number above 15 or 16, while in poker means throwing away any hand dealt to you that does not offer a decent chance of success.
  4. Play to a budget. When you join a game of poker or blackjack, you can often join a table that has a set limit on betting. Initially, join the table that offers the lowest limit on bets to build up experience and confidence. There is nothing more disheartening to a new gamer than to join a room full of enthusiasm, and perhaps a touch of naivety, with £100 in their account only to leave again a few minutes later having lost the lot on a gamble that did not work out.
  5. Remember, in poker, bluffs can get called. Every poker novice feels they have nerves of steel to pull off a majestic bluff, earning a huge pot with nothing more in their hand than a six-high. The fact is, though, that these bluffs only happen so rarely that it is misleading to think you will be able to do the same. Until you get a grip on the game and your opponents, leave bluffing to the experts.

These five simple tips can enable a new poker or blackjack player to get playing the game cheaply, easily and with the focus on maximum enjoyment at minimum cost. Converting that into a profit is then down to your own ability and the luck of the cards!